About Sok and Ti

Sok & Ti is a company founded and operated out of Dublin, GA. Being located in the deepsouth, it’s designers & owner operators have created a refined look for southern gentleman. It is a distinguished look that Rhett Butler of “Gone With the Wind”  wishes he had, and Noah Jr. of “The Notebook” could have worn to steal back Allie Hamilton a lot faster. This idea is the master mind of two friends (Hunter/ Brett) who dress to impress every single day. The invented this idea after years of watching men struggle to match accessories while walking the campuses of University of North Georgia & Georgia Southern University and for many years thereafter in their daily lives. Their Sidekick Carson, from Newnan, is the mastermind that brings their creations to life! Being an outdoorsman, Hunter takes lead on the legacy collection which features all things great about the south. Brett takes lead on the more conservative stripes perfect for the boardroom or landing that perfect job.

The important thing is this. We want people to take notice of you as walk about your daily life, whether it be the woman of your dreams, or your future boss. Sok & Ti is a surefire way to make that happen. Also men, if you only have to dress up on occasion, make sure when you do, it’s done right!

“If you only have one tie in your closet, make sure it’s a SOk & TI”!

Our Collections

We have new sets for Fall and additional products to be released soon.

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